Whitewoods Wellbeing
Woodland Restoration, Health & Wellbeing at Fishpond Wood, Bewerley in beautiful Nidderdale

Fishpond Wood jetty in autumn - Fishpond Wood, Bewerley, Nidderdale
Fishpond Wood Jetty Autumn in autumn, Beweley, Nidderdale

Located at Whitewoods (also known as Fishpond Wood) in Bewerley and close to Pateley Bridge in Nidderdale, Whitewoods Wellbeing has two key objectives:

Woodland restoration

The first objective of Whitewoods Wellbeing is the wellbeing of the woodland itself: its plants, pond, wildlife and heritage.  It is an ancient woodland that has been actively and productively managed for centuries, and this tradition is being continued for present and future generations.

Health and wellbeing

The second objective of Whitewoods Wellbeing is the wellbeing of the people who visit, based on “six ways to wellbeing”: be active, be observant, be connected, be creative, make a contribution and keep learning. It can be summarised as “purposeful activity, outdoors, with other people.

Open to all

To give people the chance to benefit from the peace and tranquillity to be found at Fishpond Wood we have opened it to the public. Information on how to find us and what there is to see can be found on the Visiting Us page. We hope enjoy your visit and all we ask is that you keep to the established paths, take nothing other than photographs and leave nothing other than footprints.

Woodland Restoration

Learn about our plans in managing this ancient woodland

Health and Wellbeing

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Learn about the history of this 19th century pleasure garden

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