Spring in Fishpond Wood

Bluebells in Fishpond Wood Bewerley Nidderdale 1 - Fishpond Wood, Bewerley, Nidderdale

Spring has arrived in the woods and the cuckoo has starting calling from across the valley.

Toads spawning in the pond

Toads spawning at Fishpond Wood, Bewerley, Nidderdale

Toads are spawning in the pond. Look closely in the picture and you will see strings of black dots in front of the toads, which are the toads’ eggs. The male clasps the female and fertilises the eggs as they emerge. How many toads can you see in the picture – there are at least […]

Visiting waterfowl

Male Mandarin Duck at Fishpond Wood, Bewerley

Thank you to Linda Pridmore for these pictures of visiting waterfowl. More of Linda’s wildlife pictures will follow in the coming weeks.  Enjoy!

Nature Notes – February 2021

Sharron and Sally from Open Country planting over 200 hedging plants at Fishpond Wood, Bewerley, Nidderdale

February has been exceptionally cold, with snow and frozen ground. Tree planting has continued: 25 oak, 12 beech, 10 birch, 10 crab apple, and 25 small Scot’s pines as windbreaks near the boundaries. A huge thank you to Sharron and Sally from Open Country for planting over 200 hedging plants near the ice house – […]

Nature Notes – January 2021

Fishpond Wood, Bewerley, Nidderdale in the snow

Flowers Snowdrops are showing near the wooden gate.  Bluebell and daffodil shoots are appearing. Trees Several new trees went in this month at various sites – see if you can spot some of them –  10 oak, 10 beech, 5 silver birch, 5 crab apple, 1 deodar cedar, 1 yew and a few juniper bushes.  […]