For Sale

Logs and kindling

Subject to availability, air-dried hardwood logs are available at £55 per load £7 for a sack of kindling.  Local delivery is free.  All proceeds go to the restoration project.

Arts and crafts

From time to time there will be sales of goods made in the woods – look out for these on “Events” too.

IMG 20200701 081100 1 - Fishpond Wood, Bewerley, Nidderdale
IMG 20200701 081119 - Fishpond Wood, Bewerley, Nidderdale

Local artists and crafts people

A number of local creative people have a link with Whitewoods Wellbeing and have their own websites where work may be purchased.  These include:

Creativity and crafts

Being creative is one of the woodland project’s six “ways to wellbeing”.

Individuals and small groups are welcome to book the study barn for their own use via or by telephoning 07860 599082.  

Organised creative activities to join will be posted on this site under “Events” (currently suspended due to Covid19 restrictions).

Study Barn at sunrise, Fishpond Wood, Bewerley, Nidderdale